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Thursday, June 13, 2013

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    I’m interested in selling my bottle of 1953 Chivas Regal Coronation Cask Royal Salute 50 year old. I am the original owner, with complete documentation. There were only eleven bottles that came to the U.S.
    Mine is one of those eleven. Most of the bottles supposedly went to Asia. If you can assist in finding a suitable buyer, I’m more than happy to pay you for your services. I’ve been told that Asia is the place that would command the best prices. Please see below and attached.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    steven roemer
    wynnewood, pa 19096

    For Sale

    Chivas Regal 50 year Royal Salute (1953 in honor of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II)

    Although the above referenced scotch is not a single malt, the appreciation in value of this very rare and scarce bottle is a reality. Please see below description and attached photos.
    If you or any of your colleagues are interested, please communicate with me by email first.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.
    Steven Roemer

    CURRENT AGE: 66 years
    I am the Original owner.
    Condition: Brand new (never opened) with complete and full documentation, including original Invoice and cardboard shipping material.

    Bottle #149 out of 255 bottles total worldwide production. (Coronation Cask, 1953)
    Deep Blue Porcelain Flagon (made by Wade of England) and adorned with 24-carat hand-engraved Gold and Silver plaque label, with a custom walnut display case.

    11 Bottles allocated to the U.S.
    244 bottles allocated to the rest of the world, the majority of which went to Asia.
    7 were sold to the public in the U.S.. # 149 was one of these 7.

    steven roemer