North Shore Whisky Club

Friday, September 6, 2019

Scotch Tasting w/ Raj Sabharwal 9/20/19 - 7-9pm at a NEW VENUE!

We are ecstatic to have Raj back again at an NSWC tasting coming up on Friday, September 20th at 7-9pm!

We've also changed the venue up for this tasting to a local family restaurant called The Dockside Restaurant in Malden, MA

We look forward to trying a new and diverse lineup of Raj's independently bottled products from Blackadder, Murray McDavid and some new exciting brands called Five Lions and Firkin.

$20 cash at the door or you can pay by Venmo 
(please e-mail us for the contact details).

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2nd Annual #Drams4Fams Fundraiser for the Greater Boston Food Bank:

We're so pleased to be apart of the Drams4Fams initiative started by our friends at the Edmonton Scotch Club up in Canada. You can read all about the group in our previous post and at

Our 2nd annual fundraiser was a complete success because of our very generous host Laura Kanzler of Hotaling & Company and the wonderful people who attended that night and opened up their hearts (& wallets) to help those in need. The Greater Boston Food Bank is our charity of choice because they are local to us and they do a great job channeling the money to those that need it.

We hoped to exceed our donation from last year and we did that way more than expected (final tally to come).

Event pictures:

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Drams 4 Fams:

In 2017 we were approached by Travis of the Edmonton Scotch Club to consider being apart of the Drams 4 Fams idea. At that point this project largely lived with Travis as a way for his club to give back to their local food bank. We understand they have been contributors since 2016 tying their donations to whisky tastings each year.

We were honored that he would think of our club as a way to expand that vision. A vision that has grown by many whisky clubs who are now collectively raising thousands of dollars internationally for their respective local food banks.

Our first Drams 4 Fams charity tasting was held in 2018 to benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank. Our goal will be to continue having this event each year and to beat our previous donation amount with your help!

You can read about the Drams 4 Fams initiative here, we also have a link on our website and under the helpful links section here on the blog.

Please consider supporting our D4F events (each April/May) as we continue to help those in need in our local community. Thank you Travis for brining your idea to reality - keep up the good work and Good Works!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

MIT Endicott House Blind Whisk(e)y Tasting 4/5/19 - PICTURES:

Another successful MIT Endicott House whisk(e)y dinner on Friday 4/5/19.
This year's theme was a blind tasting using unique cask finishing wine casks.

Many thanks to Mike and Shaun for hosting a first class event at such a tremendous venue!

Blind Tasting Mat:

Here is the big reveal!

Here are all the pictures we took along with any others we were able to scrape together.