North Shore Whisky Club

Sunday, March 19, 2017

MIT Endicott House Annual Whisky Tasting Dinner 4/7/17:

NSWC will be once again helping to present some fabulous whiskies at their annual whisky tasting dinner to be held on Friday, April 7, 2017. This year's theme "A Journey Around The World"!

See the flyer below for details and sign up by going to their website and calling 617-253-5211, email: to reserve your spot(s):

It's always one of the highlights of our year and we will re-cap the event after it happens.
George & Darren

Friday, March 17, 2017

NSWC Suffolk Alumni Whisk(e)y Tasting Re-Cap:

We are so grateful for all the relationships we've made along our 'whisky journey' and events like the one we were lucky enough to host last night for the Suffolk University Alumni, continue to further that gratefulness.

Darren and I are proud Suffolk University alums and were delighted to be even a small part of a wonderful and well balanced evening in a truly remarkable setting right in the middle of historic downtown Boston.

Sargent Hall (left), Suffolk University, Downtown Boston

Special thanks to Kate Evans who chaired the event and Joe Delisi who heads up the Alumni Board.

This was to be a blind tasting which is always fun. It eliminates any preconceived notions for anyone who is already a whisky drinker and lets everyone be very open and honest as to what they might be (or not be) smelling and tasting.

The Tasting Mat

3 rounds with 2 whiskies each - round 1 (USA), round 2 (World), round 3 (Scottish). We revealed the selections after each round so as not to keep everyone in suspense until the very end (just the kinda guys we are).

Thanks to all who helped us set up the room!

The space they provided us was spectacular with views outside the huge windows of Boston's golden domed State House, the historic and beautiful Park Street Church (same church in the 1st picture above) as well as the (also historic) Granary Burying Ground at which there are a number of probably historic people that were buried a long long time ago (is it obvious I did zero research on that...?)

But it's the people that made the event a success.

After an introduction from Kate we were off and running explaining our experience at Suffolk and how the North Shore Whisky Club got started.

State House photo bomb!

Round 1 reveal!
Bourbon & Rye

Between rounds 1 & 2 Dean Toyoda spoke to all in attendance about the innovation initiatives taking place at Suffolk (our opinion is that she is a very smart person and Suffolk is lucky to have her). We're out on a limb, I know...

Round 2 Reveal!
Irish & Indian

Between rounds 2 & 3 Gabriella introduced the 'Innovative Crowd Funding' course at Suffolk and showed a video from a local television news broadcast which highlighted 2 successful students who are in the process of launching their respective companies.

Jaime Manning & James Testa

Jaime Manning who has been on Shark Tank and will be launching his new delivery accepting business in the near future & James Testa who is launching his company next month called Warm UP Protein Coffee! Truly inspiring to see such young, personable and dedicated students boldly reaching for their dreams. Suffolk should be well proud indeed.

Round 3 Reveal!
Highland Park & Laphroaig

After round 3 Joe Delisi thanked everyone for attending/participating while reminding everyone of the importance of staying connected and supporting Suffolk programs and events. He then encourages everyone to give to the Annual Fund to help support the school in general and help continue the traditions that have been so thoughtfully looked after since the university's inception.

Joe Delisi
(Good call asking for the money after the crowd is loaded up with great whisky!)

North Shore Whisky Club Co-Founders Darren & George
with Kate Evans (Kate's the one in the middle ha!)

We want to finally (and again) express our heartfelt thanks for being included in this wonderful event and we hope to see you all next year!
George & Darren

Sunday, March 5, 2017

North Shore Whisky Club Tasting for Alumni of Suffolk University, Boston, MA

We are delighted to be providing a whisky tasting to our alma Mata - Suffolk University in downtown Boston on March 16th 2017!

This tasting is for alumni of the university (which we are two uh, & too!) and it will be a blind tasting of 6 different and distinct whiskies from all over the world.

For those who are alumni of the school feel free to visit this link to sign up. All details are also in the picture below.

Happy almost spring!
George & Darren

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Paul John Single Malt Whisky Tasting - Gordon's Wine & Spirits DTX 2/24:

Tis the season folks.
Join Darren & George this Friday 2/24/17 (5-7pm) at Gordon's Wine & Sprits Downtown Crossing location - 39 Temple Place, Boston, MA. This is will be the first time you will be able to taste Paul John single malt whisky from India in the Boston area.

Check it out!

Hope to see you there!
George & Darren

Monday, February 20, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Julio's Liquors "Go Whisk(e)y Weekend" Event!

Ladies & Gentlemen,
If time (& gas money) permits, our good friends at Julio's Liquors located at 140 Turnpike Road (Rt. 9), Westborough, MA 01581 are having their annual Go Whisk(e)y Weekend event which kind of spills into early next week with events on Wednesday 2/22, Thursday 2/23, Friday 2/24 and of course the weekend with the "Grand Dram" tasting being held on Sunday 2/26 from 1pm-4pm

Many of the events they have available are free of charge but some have entry fees.

For directions click here and any other info you would need to know can be found on their website or the event flyer.

We can't say for sure if we'll be there for all of it but you might just see us there for some of it!
George & Darren

Friday, February 3, 2017

Bruichladdich Single Malt Tasting - RE-CAP:

Here's a quick re-cap of our Bruichladdich Single Malt Whisky Tasting that happened on 1/20/17.

What an evening! What a great job Thomas Carrara did! So much was packed into a flavorful evening for sure. George was unfortunately unable to attend but certainly joined us in spirit from his red-eye flight from Vegas...

Bruichladdich is one of our favorite distilleries and it's not hard to understand why.

Selections for the evening:
Bruichladdich - The Botanist Gin
Bruichladdich - Classic Laddie - Scottish Barley
Bruichladdich - Islay Barley - Rockside Farm 2007
Port Charlotte - Scottish Barley
Port Charlotte - Islay Barley
Octomore 6.1
Octomore 7.3
Octomore 7.4
Bruichladdich Black Art 4.1

There wasn't much of the Black Art so Thomas selected trivia winners to enjoy a taste of that and give their impressions.

Thomas did a fantastic job running through the storied history of the Bruichladdich distillery and where it fits in the whisky world both geographically and otherwise!

We had approximately 45 people attend and I'll let the pictures tell the story...

Gift pack giveaway won by Jay Silva!

 Gretchen: Black Art trivia winner (she wins everything!)

 Eddie answered one of the trivia questions (with some help from Darren)...

Cigars on the deck in January!? What the what??

We had a great mix of newcomers and folks that have joined us before but everyone certainly seemed to enjoy the company, the education and the whisky!

We partnered with Norfolk Wine & Spirits (Norfolk, MA) which generated some business from the event not the least of which were 2 Black Art purchases!

We also gave away a Bruichladdich gift pack with 3 each 200ml bottles in it.

Lastly, we had a bottle of Glencadam 15 year old that we opened and shared with those who were able to hang out for a bit. We thought it might be a good idea to bring that for those who were growing weary of all the peat!

Many thanks again to Thomas as well as Norfolk Wine & Spirits and all who attended! You all made it a complete success and we can't wait to begin planning the next one!
Darren & George