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Friday, October 13, 2017

Single Malt Scotch Tasting w/Erik Greenstein of 375 Park Avenue Sprits:

Our next whisky tasting at the Melrose Fish & Game Club will be a single malt Scotch tasting!
All details on the flyer below!!

Please e-mail us at: to reserve your spot(s)!

Tickets are $20.00 cash at the door or $23.00 online with a credit card at the link below:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Taste of Asia - Sousaku Bistro Whisky Tasting with Kelly McCarthy on 9/19/17 Pictures:

What a fabulous time we had with Kelly McCarthy of Anchor Distilling. She presented some wonderful Japanese and Taiwanese whiskies. The food was ridiculous from Sousaku Bristro in Malden, MA (many thanks to Aiden and Chef Boky)!

Thanks to all who made it possible - sorry for the lack of text but here are all the pictures we have!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Taste of Asia: Whisky & Tapas 9/19/17 (7-9pm):


The North Shore Whisky Club in collaboration with Sousaku Restaurant and Anchor Distilling is proud to present

A Taste of Asia: A Whisky and Japanese Tapas Tasting Event

TUESDAY EVENING - September 19, 2017 (7-9pm)

We will explore a diverse selection of single malts from Japan & Taiwan - paired with some unique Japanese tapas and plates from Sousaku Executive Chef Wan Chi "Boky" Chu

SPECIAL GUEST - Kelly McCarthy
(Brand Development Manager for Anchor Distilling Co.)


SEATS WILL BE LIMITED (2 ways to register)

1)  Purchase tickets online at: ($45/pp)
             Click the event link on our "Future Events" calendar

2)  Send an e-mail to: to reserve         your spot and pay $50/pp (cash at the door)

Follow us on social media:
Twitter: @noshwhiskyclub

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Single Pot Still/Malt Whisk(e)y Tasting Event 8/19/17

The North Shore Whisky Club proudly presents:
Single Pot Still/Malt Whisk(e)y Tasting Event

(behind Mount Hood Golf Club, Melrose, MA)

Do you know your single pot whiskey's from your single malt whiskies? We will try some very different whisk(e)y styles from Ireland & Scotland!

OUR HOST - Alex Thibault (Brand Ambassador - Pernod Ricard)

Alex will discuss the history and future of the misunderstood category of single pot still whiskey and also review some exceptional single malt scotches!

$20/pp cash at the door OR $25/pp online with a credit card

RSVP REQUIRED! To sign up & pay cash at the door please send an

Purchase tickets online at:
& click the event link on our "Future Events" calendar

Monday, June 19, 2017

Single Malt Tasting with Josh Hatton - RECAP:

Our 5th whisky tasting at the Melrose Fish & Game Club was one hell of a great time! The final count for attendees was 49 which is certainly among our top attended events if not the top attended.

We had some regulars and some new folks who heard about us through various online resources such as Melrose Patch & Eventbrite.

We cannot thank Joshua Hatton of Single Cask Nation & ImpEx Beverage enough for spending the time to thoroughly present all of these unique (not to mention powerful) whiskies. His presentation style is so great and he really speaks to all levels of enthusiasts while providing sound whisky knowledge (so nothing like me & Darren...).

The selections - tasting mat:
#4 was a bit of a surprise but ended up being a 19 year old Ben Nevis from a great independent bottler called Chapter 7. There was only enough of this for each attendee to get 1/4 oz. pour so there would be no "go backs" once it was gone. Splendid indeed.

Line up

#1 Single Cask Nation - Glen Rothes 8 y.o. 56.7% ABV

#2 Tamdhu 10 y.o. 43% ABV

#3 Tamdhu 13 y.o. Batch Strength 58.8% ABV

#4 Chapter 7 - Ben Nevis 19 y.o. 56.2% ABV

#5 Single Cask Nation - Girvan (single grain) 10 y.o. 56.7% ABV

#6 Single Cask Nation - Ben Nevis 20 y.o. 55.6% ABV

#7 Single Cask Nation - Ardmore 8 y.o. (Laphroaig cask) 56.7% ABV

#8 Kilchoman Original Cask Strength 58.3% ABV


We are definitely finding it easier to pre-pour all selections for these events as it seems to roll much smoother from selection to selection. Josh unfortunately was delayed in traffic so once he arrived we went to work delivering each whisky to the attendees (shout out to Debi & Sheila for the help they provided as well!)

Further proof that #4 was scarce

Josh Hatton ladies & gentlemen!

Even his shoes say "Single Cask Nation"

The man did everything but juggle for cryin-out-loud!

*Personal highlight*
'How whisky is made' demo with actual people (as opposed to fake ones...)

Cheese/crackers, pretzels & waters were provided at the start and we took a break in between selections 3 & 4 to enjoy some smoked salmon, dip, crackers and a hot appetizer which was flawlessly executed by our favorite Fish & Game bar-fly Lenny (Lenny picture to follow). Pictures of the food are not available because frankly it didn't hang around long enough to be photographed.

The room was almost at capacity for this type of event!

Many thanks to all who came out and at the start to Memorial Day weekend no less!

Those poor girls were stuck with these mugs all night...

Special thanks (& gift dram) to Joe & Bobby on perfect attendance through 5 events!

Huge thank you to Tammy who we had make a dessert that paired with our final selection!

What a great combination of whisky, education & snacks. Thanks to all who came out and made this event a complete success. Until the next one!

Chag, Josh & Darren

...Oh, and (as promised) one last thank you to Lenny who cooked the hot apps to golden perfection and delivered them at the optimum time all while in the midst of a heated poker game! He asked for some recognition "and a flattering picture" so here you go Len...

Lenny the Master Chef

George & Darren