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Friday, October 14, 2016

World Whisky Tasting & Cigar Pairing RE-CAP:

So our world whisky tasting & cigar pairing evening was held on Friday, September 23rd 2016 and I'm just getting to write the re-cap now so ya know, busy...

This was our 3rd such tasting and we certainly had the best turnout with regard to attendance. Our first tasting at the Melrose Fish & Game yielded about 35 or so attendees, our 2nd one attracted about 28 and this one was sold out at 50 people! Well maybe 45 because of a few no shows the night of but hey, whatyagonnado-amIright?

We were very excited to have Raj Sabharwal of Glass Revolution Imports and Dave Catania of Burke Distributing
Darren, Raj, Whisky, Dave & George

And speaking of whisky we went with Raj's great idea to conduct this tasting blind for the guests. This proved to be a really effective way to present these selections. Did someone say selections?

#1 Stalk & Barrel Malt (Canada)
#2 Vicomte Single Malt (France)
#3 Blackadder Drop of Irish Cask Strength (Ireland)
#4 Amrut Single Malt (India)
#5 Sullivan's Cove Double Barrel (Australia)
#6 Amrut Fusion Single Malt (India)
#7 English Whiskey Peated Cask Strength (England)

7 single malts and not a one from Scotland! Truly awesome stuff.

Yeah, so we're big shots now - ya know - we make our own tasting mats etcetera...

In addition to the whisky we also had John McAuley who owns The Smoke Shop up in Middleton, MA and he had a wide selection of cigars for everyone to peruse during and in between the selections.
Wally & John from The Smoke Shop!

We really appreciate them spending the time to join us and to help educate us on some of those fabulous s(h)mokes!

Here are some other random photos that were taken of the presentation and some of the great folks we had there!

At one point Raj broke into song! (not really, he just looked like he did in this one above) 

Pretzels, water, cheese & crackers, smoked salmon with chive cream cheese on some nice crackers as well as pigs in a blanket to keep everyone somewhat nourished & hydrated... 

Raj & Kevin M. (one of our whisky brothers!) 

We hope everyone had a great time, we certainly had a blast putting it together and we hope to keep these going as long as the interest is there.

If anyone is interested in being put on our list to receive information on our next events please feel free to send us an email at:

George & Darren

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