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Sunday, May 8, 2016

World Whisky Tasting w/ Kelly McCarthy - Anchor Distilling:

This past Friday evening 5/6/16 we had the pleasure of sponsoring a World Whisky Tasting at the Melrose Fish & Game Club.

This is how you get there...

Our host was Kelly McCarthy who is the Brand Development Manager for Anchor Distilling. Kelly did such a great job and really knows her stuff.

and she even got dressed up for us clowns... silly


We had just over 20 people and a great mix of men and women who joined us for the evening. But enough about all that here is the list a few pictures of the line up:

Scotland collection

From the Scotland Collection:
1 - Benriach 16 year old 46% ABV
2 - Glendronach 15 year old Revival 46% ABV
3 - Benriach 1998 vintage single cask - virgin oak matured 57.9% ABV
4 - Glenglassaugh 'Torfa' (peated) 50% ABV
5 - Blue Hanger Vatted Malt Blend 10th Edition (Berry Brothers & Rudd) 45.6% ABV

After these 5 we took a short break so folks could grab some water, cheese/crackers, pretzels, chips and to cleanse their pallet before our last (very special) Scottish selection. I'll just note here that it was our intention to have hot appetizers during this break but the oven at the Club did not want to cooperate. We did get the broiler working however the results were not ideal and by 'not ideal' I mean they kind of sucked (apologies all around)...

6 - Glenrothes 1978 vintage reserve 43% ABV

if you want this bottle you will need to hand over about one thousand US dollars...

Japan, Taiwan & USA Collection:

The Nikka is not depicted here but if you look closely it is photo bombing the
Glenrothes one above - Ha! Silly Nikka bottle...

7 - Nikka Pure Malt Blend 43% ABV (Japan)
8 - Kavalan King Car 46% ABV (Taiwan)
9 - Westland Single Malt 46% ABV (Seattle - USA)
10 - Old Portero Straight Rye 45% ABV (San Francisco - USA)

So there's you have a 10 selection whisky tasting! Our comprehensive review? They were all wonderful and some more wonderful than others. Boom...

 Fish & Game people as well as a couple of Kelly's friends

 Local folks from Melrose & Nahant

Shout out to the Linda Peterson the "DramGoodWhiskyLady" who joined us as well!

 These guys are extras from Goodfellas (not sure how that slipped in there)...

There's that Nikka Pure Malt bottle with Ben & Darren!

Many many thanks again to Kelly for bringing so many fabulous selections we will see you again at a future event I'm sure!

How we didn't take a picture with Kelly I'll never know (I blame whisky...) so here's a photo from last October when we saw her at the Twin River Casino Whisky Tasting event.

Darren - Kelly - George @ Twin River

So the news is that the Benriach and Glendronach distilleries have been sold so Kelly will not have them in her line up going forward. Do we feel special that we were the last ones that she presented those products to? Yes, yes we do.

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