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Friday, June 14, 2013


Edited for content 2/15/19:
Co-Founded by Darren McInnis & George Chagnon in June of 2013 - Following Darren's trip to Europe which included a New England Patriots game as well as a short stint in Scotland, we began looking for a whisky club to join in or around Boston, MA. When our internet search came up empty we decided to start our own and so The North Shore Whisky Club was born.

We have organically grown into a fun group that researches various tastings around the local area of which there are surprisingly many to choose from. Sharing knowledge, always learning and making connections in the industry - be it with distributor reps, liquor store managers, brand ambassadors, restaurant/bar owners or other enthusiasts. We can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn but we are far more active on Twitter at: @noshwhiskyclub and Instagram at: @northshorewhiskyclub. We have embraced and are honored to be apart of the #whiskyfabric an online community of enthusiasts from all corners of the world who share, converse and otherwise 'hob knob' about this wonderful spirt called "the water of life"!

We have about 12 members currently residing north, south & west of Boston both within and beyond the 128 belt. If you're interested in learning more about us, a simple email expressing your interest, location and a little about your experience with whisky would be a great first step to being included in the group There are no dues per se to join the club at this time. We understand with people's busy schedules not everyone can go to every event but those that do get to know each other a little bit more and are always sharing experiences with one another.

Things We Do:
Sponsored Whisky Tastings: These are events that we plan, promote, coordinate, sponsor and run at a local social club in the Melrose, MA area. They are open to the public and are promoted on our website, Twitter feed and through local community efforts. Presenting at these events are industry reps and/or ambassadors of their fine products. We've done dozens of such events and each has been successful, entertaining and educational. These are planned approximately every 2-3 months.

Local Tastings/Events: We always have our eyes and ears open for tastings that might be happening in the local area. These could be at local liquor stores, hotels or larger venues (i.e. casinos or expo halls). If you're on our e-mail list, we will generally send informational e-mails if anyone's interested in attending. Some of these are private 'invite only' and fairly high end.

Recurring Whisky Dinner: Each year we help coordinate and present at MIT Endicott House's annual "Evening of Whisk(e)y" dinner. This is a wonderful evening in a spectacular mansion setting complete with a 4-star dinner, fabulous selections of whisky and an after party for those that stay on property. A must attend for any hardcore food/whisky enthusiast!

For Hire - Private Tastings: We have been approached and hired to provide whisky tastings for birthday parties, neighborhood groups, school/alumni organizations, restaurants & art galleries where we have presented various whiskies and imparted our own level of knowledge and insight. These can include all whisk(e)y types (i.e. Scotch, Irish, bourbons/American, rye, Canadian or other world whiskies).

Bottle Share Evenings: Once in a while we have been known to plan bottle share evenings where each person brings something from their cabinet to share and enjoy with each other. In a similar way, the group (after pooling their money) can select one member to shop for a unique bottle/expression that we can all try and discuss at someone's home.

What's Next:
We are always learning and we particularly enjoy introducing the spirit to new enthusiasts. We have volunteered our services with a local fundraising group as a silent auction item giving us the opportunity to hone our own style of presentation and "pay forward" what we have learned. Our long-term goal is to put together our own larger scale whisky tasting to a broader audience in a unique setting in the future.

Darren & George Co-Founders                                         

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